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Face Trumps


How horrible are you? Could you be the ultimate rock star? Could you conceivably run for US president? With a face like that? Would you like to find the answers to all these questions...?The ultimate trumps game is here! Use Face Trumps to photograph your friends and family and our fiendishly complex algorithms* will generate a map of their facial characteristics creating personalised trump cards.
You will find out: Do you smell? How many hotel rooms have you trashed? Are you easy on the truth when making speeches? And much more besides!
Play against the computer or pit your collection against your friends via Bluetooth.
Swap faces with your friends.
Use the built in name generator or create your own.
Share faces to social media.
Three fun games to play:- Horrid People: Who is the nastiest, most disgusting, vile person you know?- Rock Stars: Find out who's the biggest, baddest, most depraved rock star on the planet!- Trump Trumps: Who's most like Donald Trump? The ultimate, ultimate Trumps game – try to trump the Trump!
Hall of Fame
Each face you capture becomes a unique card in the Face Trumps universe.
Now go and collect the other seven billion cards!
* OK slightly complex.**** Disclaimer: The results are based on your face shape but they’re joke results. Otherwise phrenology is a real thing. Which it obviously isn't.****** Like astrology.